The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Most People Fail at Affiliate Marketing

Chances are quite high, you will fail if you start affiliate marketing just by jumping into it with no advanced preparation.

I know this is the kind of thing that you don’t get from the typical affiliate marketing guide book, but this is reality. The likelihood of you falling short increases if you are unclear on why people fail in this type of marketing.

Be aware of the seven reasons why many marketers fail in the affiliate game so you can do things differently.

At the very least, if you understand why they fail, you would be able to spot the warning signs as far as your own affiliate marketing efforts are concerned.

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Reason # 1: No niche selection strategy

If you do not use a well-designed niche selection process, do not be shocked if the niche you pick is a loser. Maybe it gets a lot of traffic, maybe it gets a lot of media attention, but for some reason or another you’re not making any money out of it. Something is wrong and if you do a postmortem on your business, it may be because of the fact that you did not have a credible, tried, and proven niche selection strategy getting out of the gate.


Reason # 2: Bad niche selection strategy

Just as bad as having no niche selection strategy is a bad niche selection strategy. They can recommend a “winner”, but it often turns out that the reason why they do so well with that niche is because it fits them. You have to have a niche selection strategy that makes sense as far as your needs are concerned.


Reason # 3: Trendy niches

Just because a lot of people are excited about a niche doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump in. You might want to research deeper regarding the demand curve and sustainability of the demand for a trendy niche.


Reason # 4: No unique selling proposition

A lot of affiliate marketers fail because they put up the website after website that at the end of the day doesn’t really offer anything new. People interested in their niche would always ask themselves, why am I in this website, when I can get the same exact stuff from other websites that I get here?


Reason # 5: No independent affiliate branding effort

A lot of failed affiliate marketers share a common trait. They just create website after website pushing a particular affiliate product and leaving it at that. It is no surprise that when people are no longer searching for that affiliate product, they really have no incentive to search for these websites that these marketers have put up.


Reason # 6: Instant millionaire mindset

If you automatically think that you’re going to be a millionaire the next time you put up an online venture, then that may be the reason why you’re failing. Affiliate marketing is a marathon. If you have an instant millionaire mindset, you might not remain passionate or interested long enough to see your venture succeed.


Reason # 7: Unwillingness to invest

Don’t be too shocked to discover that it’s only capable of producing chump change if you are only willing to spend spare change or chump change on your business. You reap what you sow.

If you don’t want to fail as an affiliate marketer, keep the seven reasons above in mind. Work around them. Learn to detect them before it’s too late.

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