How to Successfully Link Build to Drive More Traffic

Link building remains a critical and powerful marketing tool for improving the search visibility of your business online.

It is becoming more challenging to build the kind of links that increase organic search traffic that will lead to encouraging strategic business growth.

Here are four strategies that can help you improve SEO and build links to drive more traffic to your website.

Building Relationships


1. Making Contextual Relevance Important

Link building has become more about your users rather than your online presence. With the arrival of the Google Hummingbird algorithm, the need for building links to fantastic content has been reemphasized.

The update focuses on understanding the context of the search engine query, as opposed to identifying specific keyword queries.

This provides you with the opportunity to create content that is need-based rather than keyword focused.


2. Building Relationships is the Next Level

The new link building process is about building relationships with websites and their audiences. Building a natural connection with other websites and their audiences will set the stage for natural link building, which Google appreciates.


3. Think Long Term

You can’t be in a hurry to build these new relationships.

If you come across as someone who genuinely wants to make a meaningful contribution to their site, you will be able to gain their trust and develop a sustainable relationship with them.


4. Combine Digital Marketing Activities

Digital marketing activities, including social media and content marketing, have become intricately woven into the link building process.

If you can get your social and content marketing tactics right, your link building efforts will follow.

Contemporary link building has become a convergence of various tactics that should be a part of your overall marketing strategy.

The way search engines look at link building has dramatically changed over the last several years.

While it is still essential in the grand scheme of things, it is now more target audience driven than anything else.

Use these tips to improve your link building and see how quickly your efforts drive traffic to your site.

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