How to Make Money Creating a Content Filled Website

Are you looking for a relatively easy way to make money writing articles? If so, you should consider developing your own content-filled website. Despite popular misconceptions, you do not need a product to sell to make money online.

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What do you want your website niche or theme to be?


You will find it easier to make money and write articles on a topic that you feel passionate about.

Envision your website, such as how it is organized or what articles you want to have posted. If your website has a prom fashion theme, do you want to have separate sections for hair, dresses, and makeup?

What specific articles do you want to write?

Speaking of those articles, you may want to create a short outline for each article. In keeping with prom fashions, you can write an article that shares tips for prom dress shopping online.

Next, it is time to start writing your articles.

Of course, it is important to inform your readers, but you may want to leave your articles with an open ending.

Proofread your articles and then proofread them again. Even if you have access to spell check and grammar check, there are no guarantees that these are.

As for why proofreading is important, an error-free website will stand apart from the competition.

Once you have finished writing all of your articles or at least started writing them, purchase web-hosting and a domain name.

If you are unfamiliar with HTML, you can still make money with your articles.

When making your choice, remember that “cool,” isn’t always the best approach to take. Your website should be professional, attractive on the eyes, and easy to read.

As previously stated, your content filled website can make money through advertisements. If you are denied, review their terms of service to make the necessary adjustments.

Add the advertisements to your website.

When your website is approved, you place catchy banners on your website. To make the most money, apply to programs that are in line with your website.


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