5 reasons you should come up with your own affiliate ads

Make no mistake, if you want to succeed in the affiliate marketing game, you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work. A lot of affiliate programs will tell you to just copy and paste their marketing material and you will make money.

You can not build a business on hype. Believe me, one of the best ways to get your marketing efforts to perform is to come up with you own affiliate ads. Here are just five of the reasons why that is the case.

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Creates a tight fit with your niche

Whatever affiliate ad you come up with, it must speak to those problems. You have to come up with your own ad that speaks directly to these problems. You can’t just rely on the pre-made ads given by the affiliate program you are promoting.


You benefit from your campaign insights

Using this information, you should come up with your own ads that make educated guesses on what would get people’s interests. You have to go through many different waves of revisions until your affiliate ads produce solid results.


Take advantage of specific content themes
If you are promoting affiliate offers using a fairly narrow range of content, you might want to create a tighter fit between the content used in promoting the offer and the ads you are using.

Make the ad look and function like additional content that people are more likely to click through and possibly buy something.


Create ads that reflect your brand values

Highly successful affiliate marketers don’t build their business around the affiliate programs that they are promoting. Instead, they create a specific brand for themselves. This brand survives the shifting or ever changing mix of affiliate programs the publisher promotes.

When you create ads that build up your brand, you make the readers feel special. It also lends some of your brand’s weight or influence to the affiliate offer you are promoting.


You can personalize your brand appeal

The great thing about coming up with your own affiliate ad, is that you can make it personal. You can present a public persona of your otherwise faceless affiliate content blog or website.

This introduction of a little bit of personal appeal can go a long way as far as gaining the trust of your readers are concerned.

If you are serious about converting more of your traffic into hard cold dollar, you need to step up and roll your sleeves up.

Be motivated by the five reasons described above, so you can come up with your very own customized affiliate ad. A little bit of customization can go a long way as far as affiliate success is concerned.


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