3 Essential Components Of A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy needs to be well thought out. You can’t just rush into it and expect to succeed. In this article, you’re going to learn the 3 most essential components of a successful content marketing strategy.

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– Setting the right kind of goals

There are smart goals.

And there are non-smart goals. Non-smart goals are basically those that don’t fit the S.M.A.R.T. criteria.

What does that mean? Well, for your goal to fit this criteria, it should meet the following:

– Your goal should be Specific/ Significant
– Your goal should be Measurable/ Meaningful
– Your goal should be Achievable/ Acceptable
– Your goal should be Realistic/ Rewarding
– Your goal should be Time-based/ Tangible

Having a SMART goal in place will help you achieve success much faster.

You’re basically eliminating the fluff and focusing on what can help you accomplish your goals. You ‘d probably need to do some trial and error to find out what works best for your business, but you ‘d still be closer to your goals than if you decided to just ‘wing it.’


– Building an audience persona

Not knowing who to create content for has caused many content marketing strategies to fail.

Armed with this information, you can create the kind of content that will appeal the most to them.

It will be easier to present yourself as an authority because you identify so well with your audience’s needs and their pain points.

Fail to create an audience persona though, and you could be wasting all your hard work for nothing.


– Creating valuable and shareable content

Of course, the last ingredient to a successful content marketing strategy is the content itself.

When you create content that strikes a chord with your audience, then it will be so easy to persuade them to follow your call to action.

Your audience will see you as an authority, hence, it will be easier to convince them to join your mailing list.

They’ll be more likely to listen to your recommendations, and you can easily monetize your content by inserting your own products or other brands’ products you’re affiliated with!

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